The Thérain (French pronunciation: ​[teʁɛ̃]) is a river in France, tributary of the Oise. It is 94.4 km (58.7 mi) long. It rises between Saint-Michel-d'Halescourt and Grumesnil in Seine-Maritime at 175 meters elevation. It flows generally southeast, through Songeons, Milly-sur-Thérain, Beauvais, Hermes and Mouy, and joins the Oise at Creil.

Its valley, near the metropolitan area of Paris, has been a highly industrialized and populated area, and Beauvais lies at the foot of wooded hills on the left bank of the Thérain at its confluence with the Avelon.


  • Ruisseau d'Hardouins
  • Le Tahier
  • Ruisseau de Wambez
  • Le Petit Thérain
  • L' Avelon
  • Rivière de Saint-Quentin
  • Rivière de Saint-Just
  • La Liovette
  • Le Wage
  • Ru de Berneuil
  • Fosse d'Orgueil
  • La Laversines
  • La Trye
  • Le Sillet
  • Ru de la Maladrerie
  • Ru de Lombardie
  • Le Moineau
  • Fossé l' Evêque
  • Le Ruisseau de Saint-Claude
  • Le Ruisseau de Cires
  • Le Ruisseau de Flandre


Text submitted to CC-BY-SA license. Source: Thérain by Wikipedia (Historical)

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