Lewiston Public Library

Lewiston Public Library

The Lewiston Public Library is a historic site, and the public library serving Lewiston, Maine.


In 1902 Andrew Carnegie donated $60,000 for a new granite building with the understanding that the city would fund staff, books, and materials. Granite was acquired from North Jay and Norridgewock to be used for the construction. The vestibule was modeled after the Greek design with columns 18 feet high and 25 inches in circumference. Woodwork of fine oak is found on the fireplace mantels and oak pillars. The original library located in Lewiston City Hall was known as the Manufacturers and Mechanics Library. The library was formed January 26, 1861 and existed until the first Lewiston City Hall burned on January 7, 1890. The current library still has several volumes that have the Manufacturers and Mechanics library stamps in them.

Turnbull & Asser


The Colonial Revival library building was constructed in 1902 by Coombs & Gibbs. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.


The building was significantly renovated in 1996, including moving the main entrance one block to the west. The Marsden Hartley Cultural Center was opened in 2005, and is named for Lewiston's native son Marsden Hartley, a renowned artist/poet.

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Lewiston Public Library

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