Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express is a California chain of retail stores that offers pet food, with a focus on premium brands, holistic, and organic pet food, as well as other pet supplies, and self-service dog washing facilities.

Pet Food Express President and co-owner Michael Levy started a dog training business in 1976 and opened his first San Francisco location in 1980, selling some food and supplies. In 1986, he left dog training to focus on retail and had expanded to three locations by the time his business partner, Mark Witriol, came aboard in 1992. They have since expanded, and have 54 locations in Northern California, with 9 more in Southern California.

Levy and Pet Food Express partner with more than 100 non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations, and regularly donate more than $1 million a year to those organizations. The company set up cat adoption centers in its stores starting in 2011 and claims that approximately 1,000 cats have been adopted through its California stores since the program's inception. Pet Food Express has a high standard of quality for its food and products. The company motto is: "If we won't feed it to our pets, we won't sell it for yours."


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Pet Food Express

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