Drake's Brewing Company

Drake's Brewing Company

Drake's Brewing Company is a craft brewery in San Leandro, California. The company started in 1989 as a wholesale-only kegged beer seller under the name Lind Brewing, after company founder, Roger Lind. Drake's operates out of the old Caterpillar Inc. production facility located behind a Walmart. In 2008, Drake's was sold to the owners of Triple Rock Brewery and Alehouse, a brewpub in Berkeley, California.

In 2015, Drake's opened a new taproom in an old car dealership building in Oakland, called Drake's Dealership. In 2018, Drake's opened a taproom, restaurant and events center in West Sacramento called The Barn.

Drake's operates a small taproom inside its barrel aging warehouse. Most of the barrel aged beers are unique to the taproom and are not usually available for growler or keg fills; Drake's first bottling of a barrel aged beer, Reunion Barley Wine Ale, occurred in 2013.


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Drake's Brewing Company

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