Oakland Assembly

Oakland Assembly

Oakland Assembly was a former Chevrolet manufacturing facility that later became a General Motors automobile plant located in Elmhurst, Oakland, California. It was the first automobile plant established in Northern California to build Chevrolet vehicles. In 1916, Chevrolet opened the auto industry's first West Coast assembly plant in Oakland. Production of the Chevrolet Series 490 began on Sept. 23, 1916, while World War I was taking place (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918). Later, the Fageol Truck and Bus Company opened a plant next door to the north until 1927. The plant remained in continuous service until the summer of 1963, when it was replaced by Fremont Assembly. It is now the Durant Marketplace shopping center at the corner of International & Durant Blvd in the East 14th Street Business District.

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Oakland Assembly

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