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Foreign Policy Research Institute

Foreign Policy Research Institute

The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) is an American think tank based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that conducts research on geopolitics, international relations, and international security in the various regions of the world and on ethnic conflict, U.S. national security, terrorism, and on think tanks themselves. It publishes a quarterly journal, Orbis, and a series of monographs, books, and electronic newsletters.


FPRI was founded by Ambassador Robert Strausz-Hupé, a Vienna native who immigrated to the United States in 1923. Dissatisfied with the containment strategy of John Foster Dulles and the Eisenhower administration's foreign policy in general, Strausz-Hupé founded FPRI in 1955 with support from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university in Philadelphia, and the Smith Richardson Foundation. In 1957, FPRI began publishing Orbis, its quarterly journal.

Since the end of the Cold War, the institute has focused on education in international affairs, sponsoring various programs in Philadelphia-area schools as well as conferences and seminars for high school and junior college teachers and lectures for the general public.


Research programs

FPRI manages and sponsors several divisions and programs, including its Program on National Security (chaired by John Lehman); its Asia Program (directed by Jacques deLisle); its Program on the Middle East (directed by Aaron Stein); its Eurasia Program (co-directed by Chris Miller and Maia Otarashvili); its Center for Study of America and the West (founded in 1997, directed by Ronald J. Granieri, and chaired by Walter A. McDougall); and the Africa Program (chaired by Charles A. Ray).

Board of trustees

As of 2021, FPRI's board of trustees includes:

  • Robert Freedman, chairman
  • Dov S. Zakheim, vice-chair
  • Devon Cross, vice-chair
  • Adrian A. Basora
  • Larry Ceisler
  • John Hillen
  • Charles A. Ray



  • Orbis ISSN 0030-4387
  • e-notes : a catalyst for ideas OCLC 303405690
  • Foreign Policy Research Institute footnotes OCLC 58531019
  • Foreign Policy Research Institute wire

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