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Cleveland (disambiguation)

Cleveland (disambiguation)

Cleveland is a city in northeast Ohio, United States.

Cleveland may also refer to:



  • Cleveland, Queensland
    • Electoral district of Cleveland
  • Cleveland, Tasmania, a place along the Midland Highway


  • Cleveland, Nova Scotia
  • Cleveland, Quebec


  • An obsolete English term for the Duchy of Cleves

South Africa

  • Cleveland, Gauteng

United Kingdom

  • Cleveland, Yorkshire, an area in the north of England
    • Cleveland Hills, a range of hills in north eastern Yorkshire
    • Cleveland (county), former county in the North East of England region
    • Cleveland (UK Parliament constituency) (1885–1974)
    • Cleveland (European Parliament constituency) (1979–1984)
    • Archdeaconry of Cleveland

United States

  • Cleveland, Alabama, a town
  • Cleveland, Arkansas
  • Cleveland, Florida, a census-designated place
  • Cleveland, Georgia, a city
  • Cleveland, Illinois
  • Cleveland, Indiana
  • Cleveland, Kansas
  • Cleveland, Minnesota, a city
  • Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a neighborhood
  • Cleveland, Mississippi, a city
  • Cleveland, Missouri, a city
  • Cleveland, New York
  • Cleveland, North Carolina, a town
  • Cleveland, Johnston County, North Carolina
  • Cleveland, North Dakota
  • Cleveland, Oklahoma, a city
  • Cleveland, South Carolina
  • Cleveland, Tennessee
  • Cleveland, Texas
  • Cleveland, Utah, a town
  • Cleveland, Virginia, a town
  • Cleveland, Washington, an unincorporated community
  • Cleveland, Wisconsin (disambiguation)
  • Cleveland County, Arkansas
  • Cleveland County, North Carolina
  • Cleveland County, Oklahoma
  • Cleveland National Forest, California
  • Mount Cleveland (Alaska), a summit of Chuginadak Island
  • Mount Cleveland (Montana), the highest summit of Glacier National Park


  • USS Cleveland, various United States Navy ships
  • Cleveland-class cruiser, a World War II United States Navy class of light cruiser
  • Cleveland-class amphibious transport dock, a United States Navy class
  • HMS Cleveland (L46), a Second World War Royal Navy destroyer
  • HMY Cleveland (1671), a 17th century royal yacht of the Kingdom of England - see List of royal yachts of the United Kingdom
  • SS Cleveland, a steam-powered passenger ship operated by the Hamburg America Line


  • Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company, major structural engineering company in the United Kingdom
  • Cleveland Golf, a U.S. golf equipment brand
  • Cleveland Motor Car Company, a U.S. company that manufactured automobiles in the 1900s
  • Cleveland motorcycle (disambiguation), several different brands of motorcycles
  • Cleveland Tractor Company, manufacturer of crawler tractors from 1916 to 1945
  • Cleveland, a former petrol company acquired by Esso
  • Cleveland Automobile Company, an automobile manufacturer that merged with Chandler Motor Car in 1926


  • Cleveland Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Cleveland Street, London, England
  • Cleveland Street, a historic main street in Clearwater, Florida, United States
  • Cleveland railway station, Queensland, Australia
  • Cleveland railway station (1897–1960), a former station in Queensland


  • Cleveland (surname)
  • Cleveland (given name)
  • Cleveland (Hasidic dynasty), a pair of Hasidic Jewish dynasties
Turnbull & Asser

Fictional characters

  • Cleveland Brown, on Family Guy and The Cleveland Show
    • Cleveland Brown, Jr., his son
  • Cleveland, from the mobile game Azur Lane

Other uses

  • List of Cleveland sports teams
  • Cleveland High School (disambiguation)
  • Duke of Cleveland, two extinct titles, one in the Peerage of England and one in the Peerage of the United Kingdom
  • Earl of Cleveland, a title held only by Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Cleveland (1591–1667) before becoming extinct
  • "Cleveland" (30 Rock), an episode of 30 Rock
  • Cleveland (album), an album by Layzie Bone
  • Ford 335 engine or Cleveland V8

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