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Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Richard, Rich, Dick, Dickie, or Dicky Moore may refer to:


  • Richard O. Moore (1920–2015), American poet
  • Dickie Moore (actor) (1925–2015), American actor, child actor in Our Gang
  • Richard Moore (cinematographer) (1925–2009), American cinematographer and founder of Panavision
  • Richard Moore (actor) (born 1942), English actor who played Jarvis Skelton on ITV's Emmerdale
  • Rich Moore (born 1963), American animation director
  • Richard Moore (comics) (born 1966), American comic book writer and creator
  • Dicky Moore (born 1978), English guitarist with Scintillate and Scritti Politti
  • Richard Moore (Case Closed) (Kogoro Mori), detective in the anime and manga Case Closed
  • Father Richard Moore, priest in the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose


  • Richard Moore (governor), first Governor of Bermuda, 1612–1616
  • Richard Moore (Irish politician) (1725–1761), Irish Member of Parliament for Clonmel, 1761
  • Richard Moore (radical) (1810–1878), English Chartist
  • Richard Moore (New Zealand politician) (1849–1936), New Zealand Member of Parliament
  • Richard B. Moore (1893–1978), Barbadian civil rights activist and communist
  • Richard A. Moore (1914–1995), United States Ambassador to Ireland, 1989–1992
  • Richard Moore (Liberal politician) (1931–2019), British journalist and political aide
  • Richard T. Moore (born 1943), American politician, former member of the Massachusetts State Senate
  • Richard H. Moore (born 1960), American politician, North Carolina State Treasurer
  • Richard Lee Moore (born 1971), American politician, North Carolina House of Representatives
  • Richard Moore (Australian politician) (1878–1966), Mayor of Kalgoorlie, member of the Western Australian Legislative Council


  • Richard Moore (Roman Catholic priest) (fl. 1402), Irish Archdeacon of Armagh
  • Richard Channing Moore (1762–1841), American Episcopal Bishop of Virginia
  • Richard Moore (Church of Ireland priest) (died 1818), Dean of Emly


  • Dick Moore (cricketer) (1913–2002), English cricketer
  • Dickie Moore (ice hockey) (1931–2015), Canadian ice hockey player and Hockey Hall of Fame member
  • Richie Moore (born 1945), American basketball player
  • Rich Moore (American football) (born 1947), American football player
  • Richard Moore (rugby league) (born 1981), English rugby league player
  • Rick Moore (born 1989), English cricketer
  • Richard Moore (racing driver) (born 1991), racing driver from New Zealand


  • Richard Moore (Irish lawyer) (1783–1857), Irish lawyer and judge
  • Richard Moore (sailor) (1910–2005), American sailor
  • Dick Moore (Royal Navy officer) (1916–2003), British Royal Navy officer awarded the George Cross in World War II
  • Richard Moore (engineer) (1923–2012), professor of computer and electrical engineering at the University of Kansas
  • Richard W. Moore (born 1952), American lawyer and government official
  • Richard Moore (journalist) (1972–2022), British journalist and author
  • Richard Moore (diplomat) (born 1963), British diplomat
  • Richard V. Moore (1906–1994), American educator and president of Bethune-Cookman College
  • Richard Bernard Moore (born 1965), American man on death row in South Carolina
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  • Freddy Moore (1950–2022), singer-songwriter known as Rick "Skogie" Moore
  • Ricky Moore (disambiguation)
  • Rickie D. Moore, theologian
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