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William and Mary

William and Mary

William and Mary often refers to:

  • The joint reign of William III of England (II of Scotland) and Mary II of England (and Scotland)
  • William and Mary style, a furniture design common from 1700 to 1725 named for the couple

William and Mary may also refer to:


  • College of William & Mary in Virginia, or associated organizations:
    • William & Mary Law School
    • William & Mary Pep Band
    • William & Mary Police
    • William & Mary Tribe athletic teams representing the College
    • William and Mary Quarterly, a history journal


  • "William and Mary" (short story), published in 1959 by Roald Dahl
  • William and Mary (TV series), a British romantic comedy-drama


  • HMS Pitt (1805), a schooner known as William and Mary before Royal Navy service
  • HMY William & Mary (1694)
  • HMY William & Mary (1807), see List of royal yachts of the United Kingdom
  • SS William and Mary Victory

Other uses

  • Fort William and Mary, defended by soldiers of New Castle, New Hampshire

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