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Ingénue (disambiguation)

Ingénue (disambiguation)

An ingénue is a stock character in literature, film and theatre.

Ingénue may also refer to:

  • A naive person
  • Ingénue (album), the second solo album by k.d. lang
  • "Ingenue", a song on the album Amok by Atoms for Peace
  • Ingenue, an American teen magazine published c. 1959 – c. 2004
  • The Ingenues (band) all-girls vaudeville-style jazz band

See also

  • Naive (disambiguation)
  • L'Ingénu (1767 novella) a satirical novella by Voltaire
  • Ingenu, an internet-of-things technology company
  • The dictionary definition of ingénu at Wiktionary

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