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Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose is a Celtic folk rock band from the US state of Georgia. The band consists of four members: Brian Sullivan (Logan), Larry Morris, Arthur Hinds and Clyde Gilbert. Emerald Rose plays a mix of Celtic, folk, and Pagan tunes.


Brian "Logan" Sullivan, Arthur Hinds, Larry Morris and Clyde Gilbert formed the band Emerald Rose in late 1996. Sharing a common interest in ancient religions, musical styles, fantasy, and Celtic mythology, the four began to explore music as another creative outlet for their combined talents. After a few jam sessions around the campfire, the band performed their first live professional gig on St. Patrick's Day, 1997. Inspired by the energy the four created together on stage and in the studio, Emerald Rose released their first self-titled CD in 1998. Since then, Emerald Rose have released three independently produced CDs: Bending Tradition (2000), Fire in the Head - Emerald Rose Live! (2002), and Celtic Crescent (2003).


Emerald Rose (1998)

  1. Star of the County Down
  2. Summerland
  3. Maggie Lauder
  4. Around the World for Sport/The Otter's Nest
  5. The World's Wedding (One Single Kiss)
  6. Never Underestimate...
  7. My PBJ
  8. Donald MacGillivray
  9. Scatter the Mud/Tar Road to Sligo/Paddy Clancy's
  10. Padstow
  11. Dagger of the Moon
  12. A Pict Song
  13. Bring Me Home

Bending Tradition (2000)

  1. Penny In The Well
  2. Fire In The Head
  3. Lucky Man
  4. Jigs:Green Hills of Garland/The Gallagher Lass/The Ferret's Nose
  5. Red-Haired Mary
  6. Pagan Girl
  7. Come By The Hills
  8. Merry May Folk
  9. Johnnie Cope
  10. Castle of Arianrhod
  11. Freya, Shakti
  12. Unfinished Business
  13. Hills of America

Fire in the Head (2002)

  1. Star of the County Down
  2. Fire in the Head
  3. World's Wedding
  4. Drowsy Maggie/Morning Invention/Green Groves of Erin
  5. Merry May Folk
  6. A Pict Song
  7. Vampire Girl from Orn
  8. Summerland
  9. Call Me Home
  10. Never Underestimate
  11. Chicken Raid of Cymru
  12. Freya, Shakti
  13. Donald McGillivray

Celtic Crescent (2003)

  1. Drowsy Maggie/Morning Invention/Green Groves of Erin
  2. Loch Lomond
  3. World's Wedding
  4. Green Hills of Garland/Gallagher Lass/Ferret's Nose
  5. Wild Mountain Thyme
  6. Round the World for Sport/The Otter's Nest
  7. Fire In The Head
  8. Hills of America
  9. Scatter the Mud/Tar Road to Sligo/Paddy Clancy's
  10. Star of the County Down
  11. Call Me Home
  12. Maggie Lauder
  13. Unfinished Business
  14. Donald McGillivray

Songs for the Night Sky (2004)

  1. Urania Sings
  2. Take Me Down (To Her Water)
  3. Gwydion's Song to Lleu
  4. Come to the Dance
  5. World's Wedding
  6. Penny in the Well
  7. Pipes Set
  8. Fire in the Head

Archives of Ages to Come (2005)

  1. Come to the Dance
  2. Before the Twilight Falls
  3. Take Me Down
  4. Four Doors to Elfland
  5. Queen of Argyll
  6. Three More Drops
  7. Autumn in Asheville
  8. Gwydion's Song To Lleu
  9. Wheel of Fortune
  10. Four Jacks
  11. Irish Heartbeat
  12. Dagger of the Moon
  13. Urania Sings
  14. Whistler's Farewell
  15. Dance of the Rats
  16. We Come From Monkeys

Con Suite (2007)

  1. Chocolate Frog
  2. No Booze Today
  3. Tree Huggin Man
  4. Fairies Stole My Keys
  5. All for Me Grog
  6. Bronya Vladivoshtnocht!
  7. Never Split the Party
  8. Vulcan Rubdown
  9. Big Damn Heroes
  10. Danny in the Jar
  11. Solitary Motel
  12. Vampire Girl from Orn

That Night in the Garden (2009)

  1. Four Jacks
  2. Penny in the Well
  3. Autumn in Asheville
  4. Caledonia
  5. Red Haired Mary
  6. Wild Mountain Thyme
  7. Johnny Cope
  8. Twilight Falls
  9. Come to the Dance
  10. Take Me Down
  11. Tree Hugging Man
  12. Maggie Lauder
  13. Merry Mayfolk
  14. Blue Mountain Rue
  15. Castle of Arianrhod
  16. Drowsy Maggie
  17. Gallant Murray
  18. Donald McGillivray

Verdant (2011)

  1. Her Majesty's Airship Corps
  2. She Moves Through the Fair
  3. In the Mixdown
  4. Omega
  5. Clockwork Love
  6. Sunny Day
  7. Castaway
  8. The Salamanca/The Sailor's Bonnet
  9. Shepherdess of Dreams
  10. The Empty Isle (Blasket Song)
  11. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  12. The Peat That Smokes the Barley
  13. Freya, Shakti

Sunwise (2016)

  1. Ancient Days
  2. Dance til the Moon Goes Down
  3. Rage of the Butterfly
  4. Mountain Fey
  5. Land of the Dancing Trees
  6. Morrison's Jig/The Silver Spear
  7. Padstow
  8. Unwind
  9. Call Me Home
  10. The Wild Hunt
  11. Drombeg

Four Fat Dads (2016)

  1. Chocolate Frog (Dragon Con 2007) [Live]
  2. Danny in the Jar (Dragon Con 2008) [Live]
  3. Green Hills of Garland, The Gallagher Lass, The Ferret's Nose (Folkways Center 2003) [Live]
  4. Penny in the Well (Dragon Con 2007) [Live]
  5. The Chicken Raid of Cymru (Demented Cut) [Dragon Con 2008] [Live]\
  6. Merry Mayfolk (Dragon Con 2007) [Live]
  7. Goth Baby (Rants and Rambles 2002)
  8. Fairies Stole My Keys (Dragon Con 2008) [Live]
  9. Hills of America (Folkways Center 2003) [Live]
  10. Around the World for Sport, The Otter's Nest (Folkways Center 2003) [Live]
  11. Red Haired Mary (Dragon Con 2008) [Live]
  12. Santa Claus Is Pagan Too (Big Choir Mix) [Unearthed 2010]
  13. Vampire Girl (Dragon Con 2008) [Live]
  14. Ever Increasing Jigs (Folkways Center 2003) [Live]
  15. Unfinished Business (Folkways Center 2003) [Live]
  16. Urania Sings (Dragon Con 2008) [Live]
  17. Clockwork Love (Big Instrumental Mix) [Unearthed 2010]


  • Brian Sullivan (Logan) - Vocals, lead acoustic/electric guitar, mandola
  • Larry Morris - Vocals, pennywhistle, uilleann pipes, Percussion
  • Arthur Hinds - Vocals, rhythm guitar, bodhrán, percussion
  • Clyde Gilbert - Vocals, electric bass, percussion


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