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Amber (name)

Amber (name)

Amber is a feminine given name taken from amber, the fossilized tree resin that is often used in the making of jewelry. The word can also refer to a yellowish-orange color.

Amber has been a popular name in most English speaking countries. It was the 20th most popular name in the United States in the 1990s. It has ranked among the top 50 names for girls in England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Australia and Canada in recent years. Variants have also been popular in other countries, including Ámbar in Spanish, which is currently among the most popular names for girls in Argentina, Ambre in French, which was among the top 10 names for newborn girls in France in recent years, and the Italian Ambra, which was among the top 10 names for baby girls in Albania in recent years.


  • Amber (performer) (born 1969), a pop music/dance music performer and singer
  • Amber, a stage name for the J-pop music artist Rie Eto
  • Amber Aguirre (born 1958), American ceramic sculptor
  • Amber Anning (born 2000), British runner
  • Amber Benson (born 1977), American actress
  • Amber Bondin (born 1991), Maltese singer
  • Amber Campisi, American model, Playmate of the month for February 2005
  • Amber Corwin (born 1978), American figure skater
  • Amber Chia (born 1981), Malaysian model and actress
  • Amber de Botton, British journalist and political adviser
  • Amber Frey, the mistress of convicted murderer Scott Peterson
  • Amber Gill (born 1997), English television personality and author
  • Amber Glenn (born 1999), American figure skater
  • Amber Hagerman (1986–1996), American murder victim, after whom the AMBER Alert was named
  • Amber Heard (born 1986), American actress
  • Amber Hikes, American civil rights activist
  • Amber Hood (born 1970), American actress
  • Amber Joseph (born 1999), Barbadian cyclist
  • Amber Lancaster, American television personality
  • Amber Littlejohn (born 1975), Native American professional figure competitor
  • Amber Liu (singer) (born 1992), Taiwanese-American singer who is a member of f(x)
  • Amber Liu (tennis), (born 1984), American tennis player
  • Amber Lynn (born 1964), American pornographic actress
  • Amber MacArthur (born 1976), Canadian internet and television personality
  • Amber Mariano (born 1978), American television personality
  • Amber Merritt (born 1993), Australian wheelchair basketball player
  • Amber Portwood (born 1990), American reality television personality and criminal
  • Amber Rayne (1984–2016), American pornographic actress
  • Amber Riley (born 1986), American actress, most famous for her role on the television series Glee as Mercedes
  • Amber Rose (born 1983), American model
  • Amber Rose Revah (born 1986) British actress, writer, and voice artist.
  • Amber Rudd (born 1963), British politician, MP for Hastings and Rye, former Home Secretary
  • Amber Ruffin (born 1979), American writer, comedian, talk-show host
  • Amber Scorah, Canadian-American writer, speaker, and activist
  • Amber Scott, Australian ballet dancer
  • Amber Shepherd, stage name Amba Shepherd, Australian singer
  • Amber Tamblyn (born 1983), American actress
  • Amber Valletta (born 1974), American actress and model
  • Amber Wadham (born 1996), Australian internet personality, also known as Paladin Amber
  • Amber Ward (born 2001), Australian rules footballer

Fictional characters

  • Amber Atkins, a character in the 1999 American black comedy mockumentary movie Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Amber Gates, from the British television series Footballers' Wives
  • Amber Keenan, titular character in the Irish film Dating Amber
  • Amber Lamont, main character in the book Demon Road
  • Amber Millington, from American television series House of Anubis
  • Amber Moore, a character on the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless
  • Amber Moss, a character from the sitcom Unhappily Ever After
  • Amber Pigal-Simpson, the illegal wife of Homer Simpson
  • Amber Rhoades, from the American TV sitcom Married... with Children
  • Ámbar Smith, main antagonist of the Disney Channel Latin America series Soy Luna
  • Amber Snoeckx, a recurring character from the Belgian series wtFOCK
  • Amber St. Clare, in the novel Forever Amber
  • Amber Volakis, from the American television series House
  • Amber Von Tussle, from the 1988 film Hairspray
  • Amber Whitmire, an antagonistic character in 1995 film Casper
  • Amber Williams, main character in the horror film I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Amber, a major recurring character in American television series Andi Mack
  • Amber, a playable character from the mobile game Brawl Stars
  • Amber, from American television series Clueless
  • Amber, from the anime series Darker than Black
  • Amber, in the American television series Hannah Montana
  • Amber is one of three identities of the Fool, who appears only in The Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb
  • Amber, a deceased minor character in the Pokémon franchise
  • Amber the Orange Fairy, from the Rainbow Magic book franchise
  • Amber, from the video game Rune Factory 4
  • Amber, in the video game Genshin Impact
  • Amber, from the 1999 British / New Zealand television series The Tribe
  • Amber (The One-Legged Hypoglycemic), a recurring Saturday Night Live character played by Amy Poehler
  • Amber, a dog from the animated film Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders
  • Amber, a recurring character in the third volume of the animated web series RWBY
  • Amber, an anthropomorphic ambulance in the South Korean children's TV show Robocar Poli
  • Princess Amber, from the American animated television series Sofia the First


  • Amber Brown (series), a character in a book by Paula Danziger
  • Amber House, a 2012 novel in a trilogy by Kelly Moore and daughters Tucker Reed and Larkin Reed
  • The Chronicles of Amber, a fantasy novel series written by Roger Zelazny
  • Forever Amber, a novel by Kathleen Winsor in 1944, and a film in 1947


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