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Partition may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

Film and television

  • Partition (1987 film), directed by Ken McMullen
  • Partition (2007 film), directed by Vic Sarin
  • Partition: 1947, or Viceroy's House, a 2017 film


  • Partition (music), a segment created from a set
  • "Partition" (song), by Beyoncé, 2014
  • Partition, soundtrack to the 2007 film by Brian Tyler

Law and politics

  • Partition (law), the division of an estate
  • Partition (politics), a change of political borders, including:
    • Partition of India
    • Partition of Ireland

Science and technology


  • Disk partitioning, the division of a hard disk drive
  • Memory partition, a memory management technique
  • Partition (database), the division of a logical database
  • Logical partition, a subset of a computer's resources, virtualized as a separate computer
  • Binary space partitioning, in computer science
  • Partition problem, in number theory and computer science


  • Integer partition, a way to write an integer as a sum of other integers
  • Multiplicative partition, a way to write an integer as a product of other integers
  • Partition of an interval, a finite sequence of real numbers
  • Partition of a set, grouping elements of a set
  • Partition of unity, of a topological space
  • Plane partition, in mathematics and especially combinatorics
  • Graph partition, the reduction of a graph to a smaller graph

Other uses

  • Folding screen, a piece of furniture
  • Portable partition, a form of temporary walls
  • Ljubljanica Sluice Gate, or the Partition (Pregrada)
  • Division of the field, or partition of the field, in heraldry

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  • Bulkhead (partition), an upright wall in a ship or airplane
  • Cubicle, a partially enclosed office workspace
  • Partition coefficient, in the physical sciences
  • Partition wall, used to separate or divide a room

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