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Reuben Morgan

Reuben Morgan

Reuben Timothy Morgan (born 9 August 1975) is an Australian worship pastor at Hillsong Church and one of several worship leaders and songwriters in Hillsong Worship group. Prior to this he was a worship pastor at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. He has written songs such as "Eagles Wings", "Hear Our Praises", "I Give You My Heart", "My Redeemer Lives" and "Mighty to Save", which won the Worship Song of the Year at the 40th GMA Dove Awards. In 2005 his first solo worship album, World Through Your Eyes, debuted at No. 3 in the Australian Christian Charts.


In 2005, Morgan signed with Rocketown Records. The company released his debut album in the United States, but four of the original songs were removed in favour of cover versions of Hillsong songs written by Morgan. In addition, the remaining songs were remixed and the resulting songs had a heavier feel when compared to the softer pop-rock originals.

Morgan has toured extensively around the United States, Canada and Europe. A 2007 European tour featured events in Scotland, England, Germany and Sweden.Everyone, contains Morgan's interpretation of his music and was mostly written in the previous 18 months, recorded in a big sounding, studio worship without the congregational elements found in the Hillsong Live albums. Everyone largely featured covers of previously released Hillsong songs written by Morgan and was released in Australia on 2 October 2006.

Morgan officially became Hillsong's new worship pastor in 2008, succeeding Darlene Zschech, however, Zschech continued to be a worship leader of the Hillsong Worship Team until 2012. On 29 June 2010, Hillsong Live released A Beautiful Exchange, an album featuring songs by Morgan. Morgan led Hillsong's 2010 tour of the United States, which kicked off on 21 July and included events in Dallas, Detroit and Los Angeles.


Morgan's first songwriting contribution to Hillsong's live praise and worship albums was the song "I Give You My Heart", which was featured on the Hillsong live album God is in the House. Morgan himself, however, appeared but did not actually perform on the album, but was featured in the choir; the lead vocals for this performance were sung by Steve McPherson. Morgan subsequently recorded his own version of "I Give You My Heart" for his first solo album, World Through Your Eyes.

Morgan made his first official performing appearance on Hillsong's next live album, All Things are Possible, playing acoustic guitar and contributing three original compositions to this album. One of these songs, "Shadow of Your Wings", was an outtake on the live audio recording, although it did appear on the video recording. Reuben performed co-lead vocals on the live recording of "Shadow Of Your Wings" together with Darlene Zschech, although he was not credited as a vocalist for this album. His two other songwriting contributions to All Things are Possible were "In Your Hands" (this song was also featured in a "House of Cards" episode), which was sung by Rob Eastwood and Donia Makedonez; and "Your Love", which was sung by Miriam Webster and Lisa Young.

Over time Morgan would become a prolific songwriter for Hillsong. The next four Hillsong live albums (Touching Heaven Changing Earth, By Your Side, and You Are My World) featured songwriting contributions and acoustic guitars from Morgan, although he did not sing lead vocals on any of these recordings. His first official credit as a vocalist was on the album For This Cause. In Hillsong's 2002 live album, Blessed, the track "Most High" marked the first time Morgan contributed a lead vocal.

The song "Mighty to Save", from the 2006 Hillsong album of the same name, was written by Morgan and Ben Fielding, with lead vocals performed by Morgan. It was nominated for "Song of the Year" and won "Worship Song of the Year" at the 40th GMA Dove Awards.

Personal life

He is married to Sarah and they have three children.


Songs written or co-written by Morgan appear on the following albums:

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