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Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute

Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute

Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute is a 1997 compilation album released in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, with participation from a great number of renowned artists. The proceeds from sales of the album went towards the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund charity created in her memory.

The album, released on 1 December 1997 on double CD and cassette, brings together 36 songs from some of the biggest names in several genres of music, who dedicate both well-known and brand new material to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, who had died three months earlier, on 31 August 1997.

The album notably omits Elton John's own tribute song to Diana, "Candle in the Wind 1997", a re-working of his hit song from 1973.

Track list

Disc 1
  1. "Who Wants to Live Forever" – Queen
  2. "You Have Been Loved" – George Michael
  3. "Angel" – Annie Lennox
  4. "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace" – Sinéad O'Connor
  5. "Miss Sarajevo" – Passengers / Luciano Pavarotti
  6. "Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 18" – Bryan Ferry
  7. "Little Willow" – Paul McCartney
  8. "Tears in Heaven" – Eric Clapton
  9. "Everybody Hurts" – R.E.M.
  10. "Streets of Philadelphia" – Bruce Springsteen
  11. "Don't Dream It's Over" – Neil Finn
  12. "Hymn to Her" – The Pretenders
  13. "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" – Rod Stewart
  14. "In the Sun" – Peter Gabriel
  15. "Watermark" – Enya
  16. "Evergreen (Love Theme from A Star Is Born)" – Barbra Streisand
  17. "Every Nation" – Red Hot R+B All Stars
  18. "I'll Fly Away" – Aretha Franklin
Disc 2
  1. "I'll Be Missing You" – Puff Daddy
  2. "Because You Loved Me" – Celine Dion
  3. "Gone Too Soon" – Michael Jackson
  4. "You Were Loved" – Whitney Houston
  5. "You Gotta Be" – Des'ree
  6. "Hero" – Mariah Carey (live)
  7. "Prayer for the Dying" – Seal
  8. "Missing You" – Diana Ross
  9. "Wish You Were Here" – Bee Gees
  10. "How Could an Angel Break My Heart" – Toni Braxton / Kenny G
  11. "Love Is a Beautiful Thing" – Tina Turner
  12. "All That Matters" – Cliff Richard
  13. "Mama" – Spice Girls
  14. "Don't Wanna Lose You" – Gloria Estefan
  15. "Stars" – Simply Red
  16. "Ave Maria" – Michael Bolton / Plácido Domingo
  17. "Pavane" – Lesley Garrett
  18. "I Am in Love with the World" – Chicken Shed



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