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Contact may refer to:


Physical interaction

  • Contact (geology), a common geological feature
  • Contact lens or contact, a lens placed on the eye
  • Contact sport, a sport in which players make contact with other players or objects
  • Contact juggling
  • Contact mechanics, the study of solid objects that deform when touching each other
  • Contact process (mathematics), a model of an interacting particle system
  • Electrical contacts
  • Sparśa, a concept in Buddhism that in Sanskrit/Indian language is translated as "contact", "touching", "sensation", "sense impression", etc.

Social interaction

  • Contact (amateur radio)
  • Contact (law), a concept related to visitation rights
  • Contact (social), a person who can offer help in achieving goals
  • Contact Conference, an annual scientific conference
  • Extraterrestrial contact, see Search for extraterrestrial intelligence
  • First contact (anthropology), an initial meeting of two cultures
  • Language contact, the interaction of two or more languages

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • The Contact (1963 film), educational film starring John Hurt
  • Contact (1978 film), a Soviet animated short film
  • Contact (1992 film), a short film by Jonathan Darby, with Brad Pitt
  • Contact (1997 American film), a science fiction drama film adapted from the Carl Sagan novel
  • The Contact (1997 South Korean film), (접속 Jeopsok, "connection"), a romance film
  • Contact, a 2002 short film by Kieran Galvin
  • Contact (2009 film), an Australian documentary film


  • Contact (tile game)
  • Contact (video game), a 2006 role-playing video game
  • Contact, a social word-guessing game similar to Botticelli



  • Contact (ATB album)
  • Contact (Boney James album)
  • Contact (Fancy album)
  • Contact (Fantastic Plastic Machine album)
  • Contact (Freda Payne album)
  • Contact (Indo G album)
  • Contact (Mad Heads album)
  • Contact (Minori Chihara album)
  • Contact (Noisettes album)
  • Contact (Platinum Blonde album)
  • Contact (Pointer Sisters album)
  • Contact (Silver Apples album)
  • Contact (Thirteen Senses album)
  • Contact, an album by The Benjamin Gate
  • Contact! (Eiffel 65 album), 2001
  • Contact! (Ray Barretto album), 1998


  • "Contact" (Daft Punk song) (2013)
  • "Contact" (Edwin Starr song) (1978)
  • "Contact", a song by Anthrax from We've Come for You All
  • "Contact", a song by Big Audio Dynamite from Megatop Phoenix
  • "Contact", a song by Brigitte Bardot
  • "Contact", a song by Brooklyn Bounce
  • "Contact", a song by Kyo from 300 Lésions
  • "Contact", a song by Glenn Morrison
  • "Contact", a song by Phish from Junta
  • "Contact", a song by The Police from Reggatta de Blanc
  • "Contact", a song by Spirit from Rapture in the Chambers
  • "Contact", a song from the musical Rent


  • "Contact", a 1995 episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • "Contact" (Saving Hope), a 2012 episode of Saving Hope


  • Contact (magazine), an American literary "little magazine"
  • Contact (novel), a novel by Carl Sagan
  • The Contact, a 1985 novel by Garikai Mutasa

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • Contact (musical), a 1999 dance play
  • Contact (The Culture), a fictional organization in the works of Iain M. Banks

Brands and enterprises

  • Contact Air, an airline
  • Contact Energy, an energy company
  • Contact Theatre, a multi-disciplinary arts venue in Manchester, England

Other uses

  • Contact, Nevada, USA; an unincorporated community
  • Contact (mathematics), an equivalence relation
  • Contact print, a kind of photographic image
  • Contact process, a method of producing sulfuric acid
  • Transit (astronomy)#Contacts, specific points in time during a transit or eclipse
  • Contact Lens, a lens worn directly on the eye
  • Contact paper or contact, a self-adhesive, PVC or paper film, used for covering or lining

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