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Jonny Yerrell

Jonny Yerrell

Jonny Yerrell (born 18 October 1985 in Rotherham), is the frontman and songwriter with the band The Reytons.

Jay Mya

As a solo artist operating under the name Jay Mya, Yerrell released his debut single in 2011 called "Chasing Rainbows", which peaked at number 124 in the national singles chart, in a year in which he supported Professor Green on tour. He followed this track up with the Chance To Fail EP which featured the tracks "Let Me Know", "Break Out", "Catch Me " and "Need You", with the last track being based around a sample of "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight.

The Reytons

After releasing a number of singles under different aliases, Yerrell formed The Reytons in 2017 with guitarist Joe O'Brien, bassist Lee Holland and drummer Jamie Todd. Their EP May Seriously Harm You and Others Around You charted at number 27, on the Official Charts Top 40 Album chart, in March 2021. This was followed by Kids Off The Estate in November 2021, their full length debut, which reached number 11 in the albums chart.




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