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Hoover may refer to:


  • Hoover (band), an American post-hardcore band
  • Hooverphonic, a Belgian band originally named Hoover
  • Hoover (singer), Willis Hoover, a country and western performer active in 1960s and '70s
  • "Hoover" (song), a 2016 song by Swedish rapper Yung Lean
  • Hoover sound, a heavy bass driven drone sound used in electronic music
  • Hoover (composer), Katherine Hoover an American contemporary classical music and chamber music composer.


  • Hoover (surname)
    • Herbert Hoover, 31st president of the United States
    • J. Edgar Hoover (1895–1972), first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Hoover Orsi (born 1978), Brazilian race car driver
  • Hoover J. Wright (1928–2003), American football and track and field coach

Places in the United States

  • Hoover, Alabama
  • Hoover, Indiana
  • Hoover, Missouri
  • Hoover, Oklahoma
  • Hoover, South Dakota
  • Hoover, Texas
  • Hoover Dam, on the Colorado River, Nevada and Arizona
  • Hoover Dam (Ohio), on the Big Walnut Creek
  • Hoover Field, Washington, D.C.'s first airport, located where the Pentagon now stands
  • Hoover Tower, an 87-metre (285 ft) structure on the campus of Stanford University


  • Hoover High School (disambiguation)
  • Hoover Elementary School (disambiguation)

Other uses

  • The Hoover Company, a manufacturer of appliances, especially vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaner, called by the generic term hoover in some countries
  • D&B Hoovers, a business information company based in Austin, Texas, US
  • Hoover (film), a 2000 American drama film
  • Hoover (seal), a harbor seal that learned to imitate basic human speech
  • Hoover index, Edgar Malone Hoover's inequality measure
  • Lockheed S-3 Viking, nicknamed Hoover
  • Operation Hoover
  • Hoover Institution, a public-policy think tank at Stanford University founded by Herbert Hoover, later US president
  • Hoover League, created by the Republican Party to campaign for the re-election of U.S. president Herbert Hoover
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  • Hoover Building, in London, England originally a Hoover Company factory
  • Hoover House (disambiguation)
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  • Huber, a German surname (Anglicized form is Hoover)

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