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Alto (disambiguation)

Alto (disambiguation)

Alto (Italian for "high") is a musical term that has several possible interpretations.

Alto may also refer to:



  • Alto, Teresópolis, a neighborhood in Teresópolis, Brazil


  • Alto, Piedmont, a comune in the Province of Cuneo

United States

  • Alto, Arizona, a ghost town in Santa Cruz County
  • Alto, California, a former unincorporated community in Marin County
  • Alto, Georgia, a town divided between Banks County and Habersham County
  • Alto, Indiana, an unincorporated community in Howard County
  • Alto, Michigan, an unincorporated community in Kent County
  • Alto, New Mexico, an unincorporated community in Lincoln County
  • Alto, Texas, a town in Cherokee County
  • Alto, Wisconsin, a town in Fond du Lac County
    • Alto (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in Fond du Lac County


  • Alto of Altomünster, a German saint
  • Alto, spouse of Mr Percival, famous Australian pelican and film actor


  • Alto, a voice part in choral music, sung by either:
    • Alto or Contralto, the lowest female voice
    • Male alto or contratenor, the highest male voice
  • Members of a family of instruments, including:
    • Althorn, the German name for tenor horn, a brass instrument
    • Alto saxophone, a woodwind instrument
  • Alto, the French name for viola, a string instrument
  • Alto clef


  • Direct Fly Alto, a Czech ultralight aircraft
  • Suzuki Alto, a Japanese car
  • Maruti Suzuki Alto, an Indian version of the Suzuki Alto
  • Xerox Alto, an experimental American personal computer
  • ALTO (interbank network), in Indonesia
  • ALTO (protocol), a protocol for applications to discover routing costs to different endpoints
  • ALTO (XML), an open XML standard to describe OCR text and layout information of printed documents
  • Air-launch-to-orbit, a method of launching rockets at altitude from a conventional horizontal-takeoff aircraft, abbreviated as "ALTO"

Other uses

  • Nilfisk-Advance, a supplier of professional cleaning equipment has an Alto brand
  • ALTO (film), a 2015 American-Italian mob comedy film
  • Alto's Adventure, a video game
  • Cirrus cloud#Relation to other clouds, where the prefix "alto-" is applied to cloud genera
  • Alto (restaurant), a former restaurant in Manhattan, New York City
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