Asana Mamoru

Asana Mamoru

Asana Mamoru (護 あさな, Mamoru Asana, born May 4, 1990, in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actress and gravure idol who is represented by the talent agency, FMG. Her old stage name was Mana Kono (河野 麻奈, Kōno Mana).


Mamoru's hobbies are cooking and listening to music and her skill is ballet. Her father is Cambodian.

Mamoru has a tall slender body type with big breasts. Gekkan Series producer Iwata called them the "Strongest Breasts in Gravure". In October 2009, Gekkan Asana Mamoru is released and she became the first newcomer in the Gekkan series since Haruka Igawa.

In December 2009, Mamoru was awarded the "Miura Award" in the '09 Gravure Tamashi Awards

Her previous agency was LRF, for working for the Gekkan, and her Gekkan blog was closed because of the "circumstances of the management policy". Mamoru later moved to her current agency in December 2009.


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