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Secret Svensson

Secret Svensson

Secret Svensson (Swedish:Hemliga Svensson) is a 1933 Swedish comedy film directed by Schamyl Bauman and starring Fridolf Rhudin, Weyler Hildebrand and Edvard Persson.


  • Fridolf Rhudin as Fridolf Svensson
  • Weyler Hildebrand as Julius Göransson
  • Edvard Persson as August Olsson
  • Dagmar Ebbesen as Mrs. Jansson
  • Rut Holm as Stina Jansson
  • Emy Hagman as Eva Blomgren
  • Ragnar Widestedt as Levenius
  • Hugo Jacobsson as Nord
  • Ernst Fastbom as Man
  • Emil Fjellström as Tax Collector
  • Alma Bodén as Fridolf's mother
  • Märta Claesson as Mrs. Lindgren
  • Nils Dahlström as Bus driver
  • Erik Forslund as Man in line
  • Knut Frankman as Man in line
  • Lilly Kjellström as Maid
  • John Melin as café owner
  • Carl Reinholdz as Young man
  • Greta Tegnér as Waitress on boat



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