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Dahlberg (surname)

Dahlberg (surname)

Dahlberg is a locational or ornamental Swedish surname based on the location where the original name's bearers lived. Translated directly from Swedish to English means Dal meaning "Valley" and berg meaning "Mountain".

Notable people

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anton Dahlberg (1985), Swedish sailor
  • Arthur C. Dahlberg (1896–1964), American dairy scientist
  • Edward Dahlberg (1900–1977), American novelist and essayist
  • Edwin T. Dahlberg (1892–1986), American peace maker and church leader
  • Erik Dahlbergh (1625–1703), Swedish count, engineer, soldier, and field marshal
    • Erik Dahlberg Secondary School
  • Gotthard A. Dahlberg (1884-1948), American politician
  • Gregory R. Dahlberg (1951), American Secretary of the Army
  • Gunhild Dahlberg (1975), Norwegian television presenter, journalist, and author
  • Gunnar Dahlberg (1893–1956), Swedish physician, eugenist and geneticist
  • Ingetraut Dahlberg (1927–2017), German information scientist and philosopher
  • Ingrid Dahlberg (1941), Swedish Theater Manager and President of Dramaten (Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre)
  • Heléne Dahlberg (born 1971), Swedish biathlete
  • Hjalmar Dahlberg (1886-1962), Swedish runner
  • James Dahlberg, American scientist
  • Johan Dahlberg (1987), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Jonas Dahlberg (1970), Swedish artist
  • Kenneth C. Dahlberg, American engineer and corporate executive
  • Kenneth H. Dahlberg (1917-2011), American businessman and World War II fighter ace
  • Linda Dahlberg, American public health researcher
  • Mae Dahlberg (1888–1969), Australian music hall and vaudeville performer
  • Mikael Dahlberg (1985), Swedish soccer player
  • Nathan Dahlberg (1964), New Zealand professional cyclist
  • Nicklas Dahlberg (1985), Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender
  • Olle Dahlberg (1928–1997), Swedish speed skater who competed in the 1956 Winter Olympics
  • Ragnar Dahlberg (1943), Swedish television presenter and producer
  • Sandra Dahlberg (1979), Swedish singer
  • Theodor Dahlberg (1884-1963), Swedish wrestler
  • Tove Dahlberg (1973), Swedish singer
  • Wesley P. Dahlberg (1918), American automobile designer


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