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Live+1 is a 1988 EP by the hard rock band Frehley's Comet. It was meant to serve as a stopgap until the release of the group's second studio album, Second Sighting. The first four songs were recorded live at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois, on September 4, 1987. The last song, "Words Are Not Enough," is a shorter version of a demo recording the group made in 1985.

Track listing


Frehley's Comet
  • Ace Frehley – guitars, lead and backing vocals
  • Tod Howarth – guitars, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
  • John Regan – bass guitar and backing vocals
  • Anton Fig – drums and percussion
  • Andy Johns – engineer
  • Isa Helderman, Kathy Yore, Mark Harder, Timothy R. Powell – assistant engineers
  • Scott Mabuchi – mixing, producer on track 5
  • Danny Mormando, Jeff Abigzer – mixing assistants
  • Eddie Kramer – producer on track 5
  • Dennis King – mastering



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