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Mary Louise (name)

Mary Louise (name)

People with the name Mary Louise include:

  • Mary Louise Baker (1920–2007), better known as Joan Barry (American actress), American aspiring actress
  • Mary Louise Boehm (1924–2002), American pianist and painter
  • Mary Louise Booth (1831–1889), American editor, translator, and writer
  • Mary Louise Brooks (1906–1985), better known as Louise Brooks, American actress and dancer
  • Marylouise Burke, American actress
  • Mary Louise Curtis (1876–1970), American philanthropist
  • Mary Louise Defender Wilson (born 1930), Native American storyteller
  • Mary Louise Graffam (1871–1921), American teacher
  • Mary Louise Guinan (1884–1933), better known as Texas Guinan, American actress
  • Mary Louise Hancock (1920–2017), American politician
  • Mary Louise Kelly (born 1971), American broadcaster and author
  • Mary Louise Lester (1919–1977), American baseball player
  • Mary Louise McLaughlin (1847–1939), American pottery artist
  • Mary-Louise McLaws (1953–2023), Australian epidemiologist
  • Mary Louise Milliken Childs (1873–1936), American philanthropist
  • Mary-Louise Parker (born 1964), American actress
  • Mary Louise Peebles (1833–1915), American author
  • Mary Louise Pratt (born 1948), American academic
  • Mary Louise Preis (born 1941), American politician
  • Mary Louise Rasmuson (1911–2012), American military officer
  • Mary Louise Roberts (historian), American historian
  • Mary Louise Roberts (1886–1968), better known as Louie Roberts, New Zealand masseuse
  • Mary Louise Smith (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Mary Louise Snowden, better known as M.L. Snowden, American sculptor
  • Mary Louise St. John (1943–2003), American nun
  • Mary Louise Streep (born 1949), better known as Meryl Streep, American actress
  • Mary Louise Tobin (1918–2022), better known as Louise Tobin, American singer
  • Mary Louise Weller (born 1946), American actress
  • Mary Louise White Aswell (1902–1984), writer under the pen name Patrick Quentin
  • Mary Louise Wilson (born 1931), American actress
  • Mary Louise Wright (1923–2004), American figure skater

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