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Hamilton family

Hamilton family

The Hamiltons of the United States are a family of Scottish origin, whose most prominent member was Alexander Hamilton (1755/57–1804), one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Their ancestors and relations in Scotland included the Lairds of Kerelaw Castle in Stevenston, North Ayrshire, of the Cambuskeith branch of Clan Hamilton.


The paternal lineage of American founding father Alexander Hamilton was rooted in Scotland, where his relations were landed gentry known as the Hamiltons of Grange.

The Hamiltons of Grange descended from Walter de Hamilton, founder of the Cambuskeith branch of Clan Hamilton, who held lands in Edinburgh by a charter from Robert III of Scotland given between 1390 and 1406. The last Laird of the Hamiltons of Grange, who held the title from 1774 until his death in 1837, was Alexander Hamilton's first cousin, also named Alexander.

James Alexander Hamilton was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1718. He was the fourth son of Laird Alexander Hamilton of Grange. His mother, Elizabeth Pollock, was the eldest daughter of Sir Robert Pollock, 1st Baronet of Pollock. With little prospect of an inheritance in Scotland, James moved to the West Indies to become a merchant and businessman on the island of Saint Kitts. He and Rachel Faucette (who was of English and French descent), became the parents, out of wedlock, of Alexander Hamilton and his older brother James Hamilton Jr.

Alexander Hamilton moved in October 1772 to the Thirteen Colonies (later the United States) to earn an education. He later became the aide-de-camp to General George Washington and first Secretary of the Treasury. He married Elizabeth Schuyler, who was the daughter of Philip Schuyler and Catherine Van Rensselaer, both members of prominent Dutch-American families, the Schuyler and Van Rensselaer families. Elizabeth and Alexander Hamilton were married on December 14, 1780, at the Schuyler Mansion in Albany, New York. They went on to have eight children, thus establishing the Hamilton family in the United States.


Notable members

The following list, organized by generation, begins with the establishment of Alexander Hamilton's family. It selectively includes notable descendants of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton.

First generation

  • Alexander Hamilton (1755/1757–1804)
  • Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (1757–1854)

Second generation (children)

  • Philip Hamilton (1782–1801)
  • Angelica Hamilton (1784–1857)
  • Alexander Hamilton Jr. (1786–1875)
  • James Alexander Hamilton (1788–1878)
  • John Church Hamilton (1792–1882)
  • William Stephen Hamilton (1797–1851)
  • Eliza Hamilton Holly (1799–1859)
  • Philip Hamilton (1802–1884)

Third generation (grandchildren)

  • Elizabeth Hamilton (1811–1863)
  • Frances Hamilton (1813–1887)
  • Alexander Hamilton (1815–1907)
  • Alexander Hamilton Jr. (1816–1889)
  • Maria Williamson Hamilton (1817–1822)
  • Mary Morris Hamilton (1818–1877)
  • Angelica Hamilton (1819–1868)
  • Schuyler Hamilton (1822–1903)
  • Louis McLane Hamilton (1844–1868)
  • Allan McLane Hamilton (1848–1919)

Fourth generation (great-grandchildren)

  • Alexander Hamilton (1847–1928)
  • Henry Nicoll Hamilton (1849–1914)
  • James Bowdoin Hamilton (1852–1853)
  • Marie Elizabeth Hamilton (1855–1897)
  • John Church Hamilton (1859–1865)
  • Robert Ray Hamilton (1851–1890)
  • Louis McLane Hamilton (1876–1911)
  • Louisa Lee Schuyler (1837–1926)
  • Georgina Schuyler (1841–1923)

Fifth generation (great-great-grandchildren)

  • Anne Adele Walton Hamilton (1873–1898)
  • Alma Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (1877–1878)
  • Charlotte Maria Hamilton (1882–1907)
  • Esther Livermore Hamilton (1884–1884)
  • Alexander Schuyler Hamilton III (1886–1914)
  • Helen Morgan Hamilton (1896–1985)
  • Pierpont Morgan Hamilton (1898–1982)
  • Alexander Morgan Hamilton (1903–1970)

Sixth generation (great-great-great-grandchildren)

  • John Pierpont Woods (1918–2012)
  • Leonard Hamilton Woods (1919-2003)
  • Ian Morgan Hamilton (1923–2010)
  • Alexandra Hamilton Woods (1946–
  • Carolie Frances Woods (1927–2008)
  • Judy Hamilton Bartelson

Family tree

The following partial family tree begins with the paternal grandfather of Alexander Hamilton, and includes both Scottish and American family members.


Further reading

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