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Metamorphosis (disambiguation)

Metamorphosis (disambiguation)

Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth.

Metamorphosis may also refer to:

  • Metamorphism, a geological process
  • Metamorphosis (illusion), a stage illusion invented by John Nevil Maskelyne
  • Shapeshifting, a common theme in mythology, folklore and other fiction


  • the Transfiguration of Jesus is called the metamorphosis in Greek, and often in English in discussing Greek Orthodox theology and art
  • Three woodcut prints by M. C. Escher:
    • Metamorphosis I (1937)
    • Metamorphosis II (1939/40)
    • Metamorphosis III (1967/68)
  • Metamorphosis (Miró), a series of collage-drawings by Joan Miró, made between 1935 and 1936
  • Metamorphosis (manga) (also known as Emergence), a 2016 pornographic manga


  • The Metamorphosis (play), a 1783 play by the Irish writer William Jackson
  • The Metamorphosis, a 1915 novella by Franz Kafka
  • The Metamorphosis, a 1969 play by Steven Berkoff adapted from the work by Kafka
  • Metamorphosis : How and Why We Change, 2014 non-fiction book by Polly Morland

Film and TV


  • Metamorphosis (1975 film), a student film by Barry Greenwald, winner of the Short Film Palme d'Or
  • Metamorphosis (1987 film), a 1987 TV movie adaptation of the Kafka story, directed by Jim Goddard
  • Metamorphosis (1990 Italian film), a 1990 Italian science fiction horror movie by George Eastman
  • Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor, a 1990 science fiction horror movie by Glenn Takajian
  • Metamorphosis (2012 film), a 2012 film adaptation of Kafka's work of the same name
  • Metamorphosis (2019 South Korean film), a film starring Bae Seong-woo
  • Metamorphosis (2019 Philippine film), a film starring Gold Azeron


  • "Metamorphosis" (H2O: Just Add Water)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Justice League)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Sanctuary)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Smallville)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Star Wars)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Stargate SG-1)
  • "Metamorphosis" (Supernatural)
  • "The Metamorphosis" (The O.C.)
  • Metamorphosis (TV series), a 2007 Singaporean action thriller drama



  • Metamorphosis-Symphonies, three symphonies by Martin Scherber
  • Metamorphosis, a piece for piano by Philip Glass
  • Metamorphosen, a composition for 23 solo strings by Richard Strauss
  • Metamorphosen, the subtitle of Violin Concerto No. 2, a composition by Krzysztof Penderecki


  • Metamorphosis (Arthur Blythe album)
  • Metamorphosis (Circle of Dust album)
  • Metamorphosis (Culture Beat album)
  • Metamorphosis (Don Friedman album)
  • Metamorphosis (Hilary Duff album)
  • Metamorphosis (Iron Butterfly album)
  • Metamorphosis (Mercenary album)
  • Metamorphosis (Papa Roach album)
  • Metamorphosis (Pillar album)
  • Metamorphosis (The Rolling Stones album)
  • Metamorphosis (Wade Marcus album)
  • Metamorphosis (World Saxophone Quartet album)
  • Metamorphosis (Yeng Constantino album)
  • Metamorphosis (Yolanda Soares album)
  • Metamorphosis (Zero Hour album)
  • Metamorphosis (EP), by Ulver
  • Metamorphosis, by Dead End
  • Metamorphosis, by J.R.
  • Metamorphosis, by Magenta


  • "Metamorphosis", a song by Coroner from Mental Vortex
  • "Metamorphosis", a song by Northlane from Discoveries
  • "Metamorphosis", a song by Pet Shop Boys from Bilingual
  • "M3tamorphosis", a song by Playboi Carti from Whole Lotta Red
  • "Metamorphosis", a theme from the music of Final Fantasy VI
  • "Metamorphose" (Shizuka Kudo song)

Video games

  • Metamorphosis (video game), a 2020 adventure game by Ovid Works published by All in! Games

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