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San Joaquin

San Joaquin

San Joaquin may refer to:


Central America

  • San Joaquin, Corozal, a village in Belize
  • San Joaquín de Flores, a town in Costa Rica

North America

California, United States

  • The San Joaquin River
    • The San Joaquin Valley, the southern part of the central valley of California and the valley of the river
    • San Joaquin County, California, named for the river
    • San Joaquin, California, a town in Fresno County, named for the river
    • San Joaquin City, California, in San Joaquin County, a former port on the river
  • Rancho San Joaquin, a Mexican land grant in Orange County
    • San Joaquin Hills, in Orange County, named for the rancho


  • San Joaquín Municipality, Querétaro, a town
  • San Joaquín metro station (Mexico City)

South America

  • San Joaquín, Bolivia, a town
  • San Joaquín, Chile, part of the Greater Santiago Metropolitan Region
    • San Joaquín metro station (Santiago)
  • San Joaquín, Ecuador, a town
  • San Joaquín, Carabobo, a city in Venezuela

Other places

  • San Joaquin (Equatorial Guinea), a volcano in Africa
  • San Joaquin, Iloilo, a municipality in the Philippines

Other uses

  • Saint Joachim, the father of Mary, mother of Jesus
  • San Joaquin (soil), the state soil of California
  • San Joaquin kit fox, an endangered subspecies from Central California
  • San Joaquin (train), a passenger train service in Central California
  • Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, a church district in Central California
    • Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, a breakaway group from that diocese

See also

  • Joaquín (given name)

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