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Aardman filmography

Aardman filmography

Aardman Animations is an animation studio in Bristol, England that produces stop motion and computer-animated features, shorts, TV series and adverts.


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Note: Rights to the Aardman films produced with DreamWorks Animation are now owned by Universal Pictures, following NBCUniversal's purchase of DreamWorks in 2016.

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This is a selected list of commercials produced by Aardman. By 2000, the studio had produced over 100 commercials, at a rate of 15–20 spots per year. In the year 2009 alone, the studio produced 106 commercials.


  • BBC Two Christmas idents (1995)
  • Channel 4 idents (1996)
  • BBC One Christmas idents (2001, 2008, 2021)
  • E4 idents (2002)
  • BBC Three idents (2003)
  • CBBC idents (2007)
  • Watch idents (2009)
  • BBC Two 'Curve' idents (2018)
  • Nickelodeon idents (2021)


  • Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr (2013)
  • Escargot Escape Artistes (2015)


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