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Cleopatra (disambiguation)

Cleopatra (disambiguation)

Cleopatra (69–30 BC) was the last active Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt before it became a Roman province.

Cleopatra may also refer to:

Given name

  • Cleopatra (given name), a list of people and fictional characters
  • Cleopatra (Greek singer) (born 1963), who represented Greece in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Cleopatra (Greek myth), a list of mythological figures

Arts and entertainment


  • Cleopatra (1912 film), an American silent film
  • Cleopatra (1917 film), an American silent film
  • Cleopatra (1928 film), an American silent short film
  • Cleopatra (1934 film), an American film by Cecil B. DeMille
  • Cleopatra (1963 film), an American film by Joseph L. Mankiewicz starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
  • Cleopatra (1970 film), a Japanese anime film
  • Cleopatra (2003 film), an Argentine film
  • Cleopatra (2005 film), an Indian Tamil-language film
  • Cleopatra (2007 film), a Brazilian film by Júlio Bressane
  • Cleopatra (2013 film), an Indian Malayalam-language film
  • Foxxy Cleopatra, a major character in the 2002 film Austin Powers in Goldmember


  • Cleopatra (Rider Haggard novel) (1889)
  • Cleopatra (Gardner novel), a 1962 novel by Jeffrey K. Gardner
  • La Cleopatra (poem), an epic poem by Girolamo Graziani
  • the title character of Cleopatra in Space, an American graphic novel series for children by Mike Maihack


Classical music

  • Cleopatra (Cimarosa), a 1789 opera seria by Domenico Cimarosa
  • Cleopatra (Rossi), an 1876 opera by Lauro Rossi
  • Cleopatra, an opera by Johann Mattheson
  • Cleopatra, a composition by Luigi Mancinelli
  • Cleopatra, a symphonic poem by George Whitefield Chadwick

Popular music

  • Cleopatra Records, an American record label
  • Cleopatra (group), a British girl group
  • Cleopatra (album), a 2016 album by The Lumineers
  • Cleopatra (1963 soundtrack), a soundtrack by Alex North
  • Cleopatra, a 2004 album by Isabel Bayrakdarian
  • Handel: Cleopatra, a 2011 album by Natalie Dessay
  • "Cleopatra" (Frankie Avalon song) (1963)
  • "Cleopatra" (Jerome Kern song) (1917)
  • "Cleopatra" (Samira Efendi song), Azerbaijan's 2020 Eurovision song submission.
  • "Cleopatra" (The Lumineers song) (2016)
  • "Cleopatra" (Weezer song) (2014)
  • "Cleopatra (I've Got to Get You Off My Mind)", a song by The Tennors
  • "Cleopatra", a song by Adam and the Ants from their 1979 album Dirk Wears White Sox
  • "Cleopatra", a song by Nico Fidenco
  • "Cleopatra", a song by David Vendetta
  • "Cleopatra", a song by Train from AM Gold (album), 2022


  • Cleopatra (Artemisia Gentileschi, Ferrara), by Artemisia Gentileschi, c. 1620
  • Cleopatra (Artemisia Gentileschi, Milan), by Artemisia Gentileschi, 1613 or 1621–1622
  • Cleopatra (Artemisia Gentileschi, Rome), by Artemisia Gentileschi, c. 1633-5


  • Cleopatra (miniseries), a 1999 American miniseries produced by Hallmark Entertainment
  • Cleopatra 2525, an American science fiction television series
  • The Cleopatras, a 1983 British series


  • Cleopatra (neighborhood), a neighborhood of Alexandria, Egypt
  • Cleopatra, Kentucky, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Cleopatra, Missouri, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Cleopatra (crater), an impact crater on Venus

Plants and animals

  • Cleopatra (horse), an American racehorse
  • Cleopatra (gastropod), a genus of freshwater snails
  • Gonepteryx cleopatra or cleopatra, a species of butterfly
  • Neoguillauminia cleopatra, a species of tree from New Caledonia


  • HMS Cleopatra, various Royal Navy ships
  • Cleopatra (1839), an East India Company paddle frigate built in 1839 and sunk by a tropical cyclone in 1847
  • Cleopatra (cylinder ship), a vessel constructed to convey Cleopatra's Needle from Alexandria to London in 1877
  • SS Mohegan, originally named Cleopatra, a mixed passenger liner and animal carrier which sank in 1898
  • SS United Victory, a World War II Victory cargo ship renamed Cleopatra in 1956

Other uses

  • Cleopatra (cigarette), an Egyptian brand

See also

  • Cleopatra Algemene Studentenvereniging Groningen, a student association in Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Cleopatra's Needle, a pair of Egyptian obelisks
  • Kleopatra (disambiguation)

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