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Vamp most commonly refers to:

  • Vamp (shoe), the upper part of a shoe
  • Vamp (woman), a seductress or femme fatale; derived from "vampire"
  • Vamp (music), a repeating musical figure or accompaniment

Vamp or vamps may also refer to:

Science and technology

  • Value Added Information Medical Products (VAMP), former name of the General Practice Research Database
  • Vesicle-associated membrane protein, a family of proteins
  • The VAMP regimen, a chemotherapy regimen for the treatment of low-risk childhood Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Project Vamp, a U.S. Navy hydrologic survey
  • V.A.M.P. (G.I. Joe), a toy vehicle


  • Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform (VAMP), an inflatable robotic aircraft for Venus
  • VaMP, the first autonomous car that drove long distances in traffic
  • "Vamps", short for De Havilland Vampire plane in Rhodesia


  • Vamp (band), a Norwegian folk music band
  • Vamps (band), a Japanese rock band formed in 2008
  • The Vamps (Australian band), formed in 1965
  • The Vamps (British band), a band formed in 2012
  • Vamps (album), the 2009 self-titled debut album of the Japanese band Vamps
  • DJ Yung Vamp (born 1995), a Belgian DJ and record producer
  • Vamp (album), a 1996 album by Akina Nakamori


  • Vamp (comics)
  • Vamp, a character in the Metal Gear series
  • Vamp (Gobots), a character from Gobots

Film, television and theatre

  • Vamp (film), 1986 vampire film
  • Vamps (film), 2012 horror-comedy film
  • Vamp (TV series), a Brazilian telenovela
  • The Vamp, a 1955 musical comedy
  • The Vamp (film), a lost 1918 silent film wartime comedy-drama
  • Theda Bara (1885–1955), American silent film actress nicknamed "The Vamp"
  • Ivana Vamp, Italian drag queen


  • Vamp (firefighter), a slang term for a volunteer firefighter in the United States
  • Vamp Creek, a river in Manitoba, Canada
  • Vamp Building, a building in Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.
  • Seattle Vamps, a women's ice hockey team
  • Vamp!, a light novel series by Ryōgo Narita

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