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List of wars involving the Dutch Republic

List of wars involving the Dutch Republic

This is a list of wars involving the Dutch Republic, which emerged from the Habsburg Netherlands during the Eighty Years' War (c. 1566–1648). The set of "United Provinces" that would later become the Dutch Republic proclaimed its independence in 1581. In the Low Countries theatre of the War of the First Coalition, the Dutch Republic was conquered by the First French Republic in 1795, and replaced by the Batavian Republic.

  • For earlier wars, see List of wars in the Low Countries until 1560.
  • For simultaneous wars in the south, see List of wars in the southern Low Countries (1560–1829) – includes wars on the present territory of Belgium and Luxembourg, including the Southern Netherlands (Spanish Netherlands & Austrian Netherlands), the Principality of Liège, the Princely Abbey of Stavelot-Malmedy, the Prince-Bishopric of Cambrésis and the Imperial City of Cambray, the Duchy of Bouillon, and smaller states.
  • For wars after 1795, see List of wars involving the Netherlands.





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