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The Future Past World Tour

The Future Past World Tour

The Future Past World Tour is an ongoing concert tour by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, in support of their seventeenth studio album Senjutsu, which is part of their tour's theme, along with their 1986 album Somewhere in Time. Following 2005's Eddie Rips Up the World Tour, 2008–2009's Somewhere Back in Time World Tour and the Maiden England World Tour in 2012–2014, this is the band's fourth concert tour to focus on a particular part of their history. The tour featured "Alexander the Great", which was performed for the first time. The tour is set to continue into 2024. The tour started on 28 May 2023 in Ljubljana.

Opening acts


  • The Raven Age (28–31 May, 4–21 June, 8–25 July, 29–31 July)
  • Lord of the Lost (3 June, 24 June – 7 July, 26 July, 1 August)
  • Atreyu (28 September – 2 October)


  • Killswitch Engage (1–16 September)
  • The Hu (4 October - 17 November)
  • Volbeat (6-7 December)


  • Intro: "End Titles" from Blade Runner (by Vangelis)
  1. "Caught Somewhere in Time" (from Somewhere in Time, 1986)
  2. "Stranger in a Strange Land" (from Somewhere in Time, 1986)
  3. "The Writing on the Wall" (from Senjutsu, 2021)
  4. "Days of Future Past" (from Senjutsu, 2021)
  5. "The Time Machine" (from Senjutsu, 2021)
  6. "The Prisoner" (from The Number of the Beast, 1982)
  7. "Death of the Celts" (from Senjutsu, 2021)
  8. "Can I Play with Madness" (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988)
  9. "Heaven Can Wait" (from Somewhere in Time, 1986)
  10. "Alexander the Great" (from Somewhere in Time, 1986)
  11. "Fear of the Dark" (from Fear of the Dark, 1992)
  12. "Iron Maiden" (from Iron Maiden, 1980)


  1. "Hell on Earth" (from Senjutsu, 2021)
  2. "The Trooper" (from Piece of Mind, 1983)
  3. "Wasted Years" (from Somewhere in Time, 1986)

Tour dates



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