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List of current Canadian first ministers

List of current Canadian first ministers

Canada is a federation that comprises ten provinces and three territories. Its government is structured as a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, with a monarch as its sovereign and a Prime Minister as its head of government. Each of the country's provinces and territories also has a head of government, called premier in English. Collectively, the federal Prime Minister and provincial and territorial premiers are referred to as first ministers. In French, the term premier ministre is used in both the federal and provincial/territorial contexts.

The longest-serving current first minister is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who assumed office on November 4, 2015; the newest first minister is R.J. Simpson of the Northwest Territories, who assumed office on December 8, 2023. The oldest first minister, Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick, is 70; the youngest first minister, P.J. Akeeagok of Nunavut, is 39. Of the current first ministers, one (Danielle Smith of Alberta) is a woman and three (P.J. Akeeagok of Nunavut, Wab Kinew of Manitoba, and R.J. Simpson of the Northwest Territories) are Indigenous.

Of the current first ministers, four are from Progressive Conservative parties, three are from Liberal parties, and two are from New Democratic parties - however, note that federal and provincial/territorial parties that share common names are not necessarily affiliated with or politically analogous to one another. Three other first ministers are from locally-branded parties (the Coalition Avenir Québec, the Saskatchewan Party, and the United Conservative Party) and two are non-partisan.

Premiers are listed in accordance with the provincial order of precedence: provinces before territories, and by order of joining confederation within those categories; where multiple jurisdictions joined confederation in the same year, they are ordered by population at the time of joining. Incumbency is current as of July 16, 2024.

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