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Nepal Stock Exchange

Nepal Stock Exchange

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) is the only stock exchange of Nepal. As of January 2024, the market capitalization of the companies listed on NEPSE totaled रू330,765.9 crore (US$26 billion).

The basic objective of NEPSE is to impart free marketability and liquidity to the government and corporate securities by facilitating transactions in its trading floor through member, market intermediaries, such as broker, market makers etc. Individuals can open trading account from broker and trade from brokers website.As of January 2024, 249 companies are listed on the exchange, from different Industry Sectors like BFIs, Hydro-Power, Life and Non-Life Insurance, Hotels and Tourism, etc, There's more Industry and it's companies waiting in pipeline to be listed in upcoming future. The Exchange has 87 registered brokers as of January 2024.


NEPSE opened its trading floor on 13 January 1994.

Ownership structure and board

The current paid-up capital of NEPSE is NPR 500,000,000 (approximately US$4.2 million in October 2020). The following table shows the percentage of shareholdings by the respective shareholders on the capital structure:


The NEPSE Index is the capitalization-weighted index of all stocks on the Nepal Stock Exchange.: 115  Reflecting the large market capitalization of many Nepalese banks, the index is said to predominantly reflect the banking sector.: 117 

List of Stock Broker Listed in NEPSE


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